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Improve CRM process and marketing automation in emails and leads scoring
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Improved Marketing Operations

Improve CRM processes and Marketing Automation


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The Canadian Universities in Egypt (University of Prince Edward Island and Toronto Metropolitan University) Cairo campus needed to recruit local and international students for the next academic year. They sourced us to consult them on CRM sales process, marketing automation, and performance tracking & tagging to achieve 360 measurements. In addition, they asked for a digital recruitment best practices audit to achieve their students' onboarding goals.
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Build accurate marketing analytics 360 measurement and proper attribution to make informed decisions that lead to success

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Our strategic initiatives led to remarkable improvements and measurable success across various metrics. Below are the key outcomes from our engagement with the client that led to a successful partnership:

  • Deep-dive review to advise on best practices and optimization opportunities to improve marketing operations
  • Findings: Identify 50 value add opportunities and draft comprehensive strategy to recruit students for spring
  • Tagging: Provided tagging implementation guide to improve cross domain tracking and conversion tracking
  • Automation: Provided new ways to apply CRM automation from round robin to automatic sales assignment
  • Measurement: Guided the client on how to calculate the CPA Cost per Acquisition and LTV LifeTimeValue

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