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We excel in PPC media buying in Dubai to strategically manage pay-per-click campaigns across diverse digital platforms. Leveraging advanced techniques in keyword optimization, ad creation, and bid management, we ensure maximum return and deliver the desired goal.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

We leverage the latest Dubai trends and channel insights to optimize ad spending and deliver rewarding Return Of Ad Spend (ROAS). We improve marketing performance by enhancing brand presence, increasing online sales, and improving conversion rates across major paid channels.

Facebook Ads

Plan and run Facebook ads to generate awareness, qualified leads, or drive engagement

Google Ads

Identify paid search relevant keywords to run optimized search campaigns, display, or YouTube ads

TikTok Ads

Leverage TikTok to amplify the paid media reach and diversify the communication channels

Linkedin Ads

Execute LinkedIn ad campaigns to target senior decision-makers in key industries

Amazon Ads

Reach e-commerce high purchase intent users during their online shopping journey

Programmatic Media

Automate paid media placements, ensuring precise targeting, efficient spending, and maximum ROI

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University of Prince Edward Island

Improve CRM process, tagging, and automation
Digital Optimization
Marketing Analytics
Media Buying

Quark Expedition

Improve eCommerce website conversion by 3X
Digital Optimization
Creative Design
Marketing Consulting

Ferrari Middle East

Advise Ferrari Middle East on social media localization
Marketing Consulting
Media Buying
Social Media Management

What to expect

Media Buying Integrated Services

Paid Advertising Strategy

Paid Advertising Strategy

Paid Advertising Strategy is our core service designed to maximize the impact of your advertising investment. We start by understanding your business objectives, target audience, and KPIs. From there, we craft a tailored strategy that includes the main paid media channels, such as Google Ads, social media advertising, and programmatic media. Our strategy includes in-depth keyword research, audience targeting, and ad creatives design competitive research to ensure that we drive high performance.

Paid Channels Planning

Upon finalizing the paid media strategy, our next step involves paid channel planning. In this phase, we strategically allocate budgets across various paid channels, determining the optimal mix for your marketing communication frequency. Through comprehensive audience research, we pinpoint and target specific audience segments, ensuring that your ads reach the right people at the right time. During the channel planning process, we forecast the expected results from each channel and assess how these channels can work together in synergy to maximize overall effectiveness.

Paid Channels Planning
Paid Media Optimization

Paid Media Optimization

Finally, in the optimization phase, we run multiple A/B tests and analyze different ad variations to identify the most compelling combination that resonates with your audience. Our testing analysis goes beyond surface-level metrics, delving into the performance of each paid media channel to ascertain where adjustments drive optimal results. Performance tracking is embedded in our optimization process, allowing us to monitor key metrics, analyze campaign effectiveness, and make real-time adjustments to ensure your advertising investment yields the highest possible return.

Hit Creative

Marwan El Enani - General Manager


"AlCaz Media’s campaigns were successful and delivered highly qualified leads. The team had extensive professional experience and delivered remarkable outcomes, instilling confidence in the client. AlCaz Media demonstrated a high response rate and was available to assist the client."

Kariem Habashy

Eleven Eleven productions


"Thanks to AlCaz Media's efforts, we reached the audience and sales target for our training sessions that were promoted on Facebook and Instagram paid ads. The team delivers everything on time and is very helpful throughout the social media engagement. They collaborate via in-person meetings."

La Visa Development

Christine William - Sr Marketing Manager

Real Estate

“Thanks to AlCaz Media's work, the percentage number of qualified leads was very high. The team was fully dedicated and the media plan was on time for approvals. They were flexible in terms of any changes."

University of Prince Edward Island

Kathy Jiang - CRM Director


"AlCaz Media delivered a detailed evaluation for our digital marketing performance and offered actionable recommendations. The punctual, professional team immersed themselves in the client's business to gain a deep understanding and provide valuable, data-driven insights…”


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