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We go beyond simply posting content by crafting tailored creatives. We curate shareable content, schedule posts, and manage the social community by responding to users' comments. With our Dubai market understanding, we can effectively manage your social media channels.


SMMA Services

Our Social Media services are designed to provide end-to-end support to ensure the effectiveness of your social media strategy, tailored to excel in Dubai's local market. As your dedicated social media partner, we guarantee a dynamic and engaging online presence that deeply resonates with your audience across social channels.


Grow your Facebook community, audience, and engagement with relevant local content


Design trendy stories and unique Instagram posts that grab attention and build brand awareness


Capture short videos and reels optimized for TikTok posted every day to amplify the reach


Craft valuable content on LinkedIn to reach your target audience with a more formal tone

X (Twitter)

Recommend tweets to drive concise key messages and inform the audience with important news


Leverage SnapChat dynamic features to create visually compelling content.

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Quark Expedition

Improve eCommerce website conversion by 3X
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Ferrari Middle East

Advise Ferrari Middle East on social media localization
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La Vista Development

Generate paid media-qualified leads for serious buyers
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Social Media Management

What to expect

Social Media Management Services

social media strategy

Social Media Strategy

We begin by identifying the content themes that align with your brand identity and resonate with your audience and the frequency of each topic. Afterward, we move into creating a detailed content calendar, mapping out a strategic plan for consistent and timely posts across various platforms. From visually appealing graphics to thought-provoking captions, our social services include various types of content. We believe in crafting a mix of informative, entertaining, and promotional content to keep your audience engaged and captivated. With our eyes on trends and data analytics, we ensure the strategy remains relevant to achieve your social media objectives.

Social Campaigns Management

Once the strategy is complete, we move to set up and the configuration of your campaigns, ensuring all elements align with your objectives and the content marketing strategy. We manage the posting and scheduling of content, ensuring timely and strategic delivery across various platforms. Through social monitoring, we track campaign performance, audience engagement, and emerging trends to make actionable recommendations. Additionally, our moderation efforts are prompt in addressing comments and inquiries, fostering a positive online environment.

social campaigns management
social media optimization

Social Media Optimization

Finally, our Social Media Optimization adopts live campaigns to refine your brand's social media presence for optimal impact. Going beyond routine posting, we integrate creative adaptation, customizing visuals and graphics to align with each platform's unique specifications and enhance their visual appeal. Copy localization is a crucial component, tailoring messaging to authentically resonate with diverse audiences and local nuances. Automation is integral to streamlining processes, from post-scheduling to interaction management, ensuring efficiency and consistency. Whether you're seeking organic social media management or Facebook ads services, our Social Media offerings are designed to elevate your brand's online performance, fostering a dynamic and strategically aligned presence across various social platforms.

Hit Creative

Marwan El Enani - General Manager


"AlCaz Media’s campaigns were successful and delivered highly qualified leads. The team had extensive professional experience and delivered remarkable outcomes, instilling confidence in the client. AlCaz Media demonstrated a high response rate and was available to assist the client."

La Visa Development

Christine William - Sr Marketing Manager

Real Estate

“Thanks to AlCaz Media's work, the percentage number of qualified leads was very high. The team was fully dedicated and the media plan was on time for approvals. They were flexible in terms of any changes."

University of Prince Edward Island

Kathy Jiang - CRM Director


"AlCaz Media delivered a detailed evaluation for our digital marketing performance and offered actionable recommendations. The punctual, professional team immersed themselves in the client's business to gain a deep understanding and provide valuable, data-driven insights…”

Kariem Habashy

Eleven Eleven productions


"Thanks to AlCaz Media's efforts, we reached the audience and sales target for our training sessions that were promoted on Facebook and Instagram paid ads. The team delivers everything on time and is very helpful throughout the social media engagement. They collaborate via in-person meetings."


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